greenfern token

The Token

The Greenfern Token is a digital currency that will provide a way for buyers of our products and/or users of our services to pay for these things using the Greenfern token. Discounts and specials will also be exclusivly available to Greenfern token holders. Going forward we intend on the token being accepted by the partnerships and associations we will forge in the future.

  • - 100,000,000 - amount of Greenfern tokens created. This is a fixed limited supply so no more will be created.
  • - Greenfern token is built on top of the NEM Blockchain Platform.
  • - Tokens redeemed for products or services will be removed from circulation therfore lowering the number of Greenfern Tokens available.

How to obtain the token

Currently, the only way to obtain Greenfern Tokens is by participating in our referral programs but we plan several ways to get tokens going forward:

  1. CURRENTLY ACTIVE: Drive signups to our register your interest to invest form
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  2. PLANNED: Drive visitors to our invesment page
  3. PLANNED: Buying from our participating partners
  4. PLANNED: Purchase on a registered digital currency exchange
  5. PLANNED: Being a medical cannabis avocate and helping to educate the benefits
  6. PLANNED: Specially selected community paying forward projects
  7. PLANNED: Ideas from our fans

The referral program


  1. Per 10 clicks to our page from your sharing, you will be rewarded 100 Greenfern Tokens
  2. No limit on the the number of rewards one can receive
  3. Rewards will be transferred up to a few weeks after the completion of the referrral promotion - instructions will be provided
  1. You understand that we have no way of knowing when our products will be ready and for what value the Greenfern Token will have
  2. You understand that we can provide no certainty about the future of the Greenfern Token

There is no guarantee of the future value of the Greenfern Token nor that it will hold any value. There are many risks with a startup like Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Limited and we cannot predict the future of laws, regulation, market environment and so on.
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